Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dis Is New Yawk. We Don't Care About No &%#@!* Snow.

Brian On 8th Avenus

So the snow has ended. The Crowe - Wilson family went crazy and hired a minibus to take us to dinner in Manhattan at Guantanamera, a Cuban restaurant near Columbus Circle. The owner is Argentine, not Cuban, and from Mendoza. We had a long talk about Argentine wines. Not being one who sits still easily, I met Brian and his friends from Boston out front between courses. The group below were hanging out at the bar when we were waiting to be seated.

I haven't lived in the NYC full time for 43 years but on nights like yesterday I sure wish I still did. There is nothing like it on earth. Visits make me so so homesick. I love it. It's the modern capital of civilization and the origin of me.

Patrons at Guantanamera


cieldequimper said...

Quite right. You're making even me homesick. Last visit 2002. A century ago.

Olivier said...

je note l'adresse du restaurant...et oui c'est la plus belle ville du monde et on ne peut que l'aimer ;)) I LOVE NYC

Jilly said...

You've captured the atmosphere of this most amazing city so wonderfully over your last few posts. I agree with all you've said about New York. Just ADORE New York City.

Julie said...

Hyperbole is permissible at this time of the year, Bob. Sure looks like the corner may have turned. Enjoy NYE in your little crucible.

Anonymous said...

Such a positive attitude in the midst of this snowy messy aftermath! We need more New Yorkers like you. :)

Virginia said...

Never miss a photo op I always say. Sounds like a fun every for the Crowe clan!