Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Primary Evacuation Assembly Area

Every city has its odd details, features that don't make sense in the urban context. They may be great or small. New Yorkers, think of Staten Island; Parisians, the Montparnasse Tower. They can be smaller, too, something that could escape your notice. This picture is an example. The sign is on the Mississippi flood wall in a barren area north of the Arch. Hardly anyone works around there and about the only residents are in a nearby tent city built by the homeless. So who would need to evacuate, and for what? I mean, if the river is threatening flood you could take a leisurely walk up the hill to the city center. Is someone anticipating The Rapture?


Olivier said...

c'est peut etre un hiéroglyphe des temps passés ;o) j'avoue que je comprends pas trop bien ce que cela signifie

cieldequimper said...

Another mystery of our times.

I wouldn't know about ads for cars. I don't have TV. :-)