Saturday, September 25, 2010

STL DPB In Chicago: Quiet Moments In The Museum of Contemporary Art

Spaceman 1

One of my favorite places in Chicago is the Museum of Contemporary Art. It's rarely crowded, unlike the crush at MoMA in New York. The next major show was being installed when we visited yesterday so the place was particularly quiet. Among many pictures I took were interactions with spacemen, the grand staircase and the admissions desk.

So many other good pictures on Friday I don't know when I will get them all sorted and edited. Two more are on my Flickr pages now - link below and to the right.

Spaceman 2

MCA Stairwell



William Kendall said...

That staircase (assuming it is a staircase) is astonishing!

At our National Gallery in Ottawa, there's a life sized realistic sculpture of a frumpy woman eating breakfast. It gets the same sort of reaction as that astronaut suit....

Virginia said...


I love all four. THe lady sitting next to C looks like she's trying to converse with Space Man.

I think that might be A reclining. I"ve felt like doing that in a lot of museums myself.

Numéro trois is a WINNER. Good lord.

Four is great. HI?

nathalie in avignon said...

I had to smile at the first two photos, my jaw dropped at the third and I burst out laughing at the last one!

What a fantastic combination of photos to introduce us to this place!