Friday, September 17, 2010


Icarus 1

The Greek legend of Icarus tells of an ambitious man. He was full of self-confidence, convincing himself that he could fly on bird's wings made of wax. He got off the ground, all right, but flew too close to the sun. The wax melted and he plunged into the sea to his doom.

This is a detail from Igor Mitoraj's Icarus, on display in the Old Post Office Plaza downtown. Readers may remember Mitoraj as the creator of Eros Bendato in Citygarden, seen several times on this blog. Icarus' face reminds me of Mr. Bill on Saturday Night Live years ago: oooh nooooo! What does the rest of the sculpture look like? All in good time.

Lots to shoot this weekend. The Great Forest Park Balloon Race is on Saturday with the walk-through balloon glow tonight. The PR people for some late night cable TV comedy show I never heard of invited me to shoot a publicity stunt they are staging tomorrow. Teams of two or more people in pajamas (late night TV, get it?) will race around downtown on wheeled televisions. It's not any crazier than the Tea Party rally.


Olivier said...

très beau détail , une âme perdue....

Virginia said...

Thanks for reminding me of Mr. Bill. Actually I think I still have a Mr. Bill pin somewhere.

You are getting some fun gigs lately B, but the Teabaggers has to be at the top of the .........list.

PJ said...

"Oh, Noooooo!!! Icarus!!!" Did you know that the original hand that is Mr Bill was Ellen Degeneres's brother, Vance?

patty said...

can't wait to see this my self