Saturday, September 11, 2010

Colored Glass

Chihuly at Missouri Botanical Garden 1

The work of American glass artist Dale Chihuly has been seen on these pages several times. A few years ago there was a big show of his work throughout the Missouri Botanical Garden. Several pieces remain. These pieces, called Walla Walla Onions (he's from Washington State) are in the main reflection pool next to the Climatron. I took these pictures while attending the Japanese Festival last weekend.

There were a number of comments about the sumo post a few days ago. I've edited the image of the 400- pounder (more than 180 kg) spreading his legs straight out to the side and touching his chest to the floor. You can see it here.

There's a Tea Party rally under the arch tomorrow! I'm cleaning my lenses.

Chiluly at Missouri Botanical Garden 2

Chihuly at Missouri Botanical Garden 4

Chihuly at Missouri Botanical Garden 3


Hilda said...

I just love Dale Chihuly's work, though I've never seen any in person. These colorful onions look wonderful in the pond! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos!

paul said...

What beautiful creations, and the setting between the different water lilies is fabulous. Great shots.

Steffe said...

Some great photos here of all the glass art. Be careful around the nutters tomorrow!

Luis Gomez said...

These are beautiful.

Sharon said...

Now I know I have to visit the garden the next time I'm in Missouri! These are great. We have three pieces that remain from the botanical garden show here, but it isn't certain that we get to keep them. There is a fund raising drive going on the purchase them.

Jilly said...

Oh I just adore Chihuly's work. I've never seen it in reality but have seen television programmes of an installation at Kew Gardens and another where he worked with the glass blowers of Murano. One day!

Yesterday's Sun gate is extraordinary! Just amazing.

Menton Daily Photo

Monte Carlo Daily Photo

this too will pass said...

lovely; saw his work in Kew Gardens, London a few years ago

T. Becque said...

Oh nice!