Wednesday, August 4, 2010

STL DPB In A Rural Cemetery: Und Es Ward Licht

Cemetery at Immanuel Lutheran 2

There is a beautiful cemetery next to Immanuel Lutheran Church out in the Kansas fields. It sits on a little rise overlooking the neighboring farms. All the names on the stones are German. The people who immigrated to this area were from northern Germany, founding towns in the area named Hanover and Bremen.

I couldn't help but notice that there were at least two tombstones for a family named Licht, "light" in German, out in the blazing summer sun. In made me think of the opening section of Haydn's great oratorio, The Creation. The chorus whispers Und Gott sprach: Es werde Licht! Und es ward... and then blasts out a C major chord on the final word Licht. And God said: let there be light! And there was light. Yes, in abundance.

Cemetery at Immanuel Lutheran 1 (Es werde Licht!)


Olivier said...

une belle tonalité, qui va très bien avec le cimetière. les gens trouvent cela souvent glauque de prendre en photos des cimetières, mais j'aime bien, il y a une atmosphère, c'est très graphique.

cieldequimper said...

Looks like there is a Lauterbach family too.

I like the link to Haydn though I listen less to the words than the music. Light for me comes from all kinds of sources, not that one.

I also like what looks like a vast expanse of nothingness in the first photo.

LD said...

Cemeteries seem to hold all kinds of secrets. Interesting. And in keeping with the Light theme, the lighting in that top photo is really neat (am I the only one who still says neat?)

brattcat said...

Cemeteries do seem to be swathed in a particularly beautiful quality of light so often.

Birdman said...

There is so much 'light' and life in cemeteries. I love to just wander around in them. So peaceful.

Virginia said...

I count on you to up my "culture factor" B. Lovely well kept resting place.

T. Becque said...

I like the feel of the first photo. Looks like the opening scene of a movie!

PS - I used a flash and available light on the band photos. The light for a few moments was particularly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorites. The quality of light in the top image is expansive, which is a nice contrast with the sort-of crowded headstones and frozen "LIGHT." Kind of eery but poetic and beautiful and many layered.