Thursday, August 26, 2010

St. Louis Ramblers In Dublin

Wall of Fame

It's late Wednesday night here in Dublin as I write this. A full day of wandering around the city, details of which will have to wait. Lots of good pix today, too. Not sure when they will get edited. For the moment, a detail from a monument to local pop and folk music heroes, the Wall of Fame. And, since Cieldequimper reminds me that there has to be a Thursday Arch Series photo on Thursday, an image from Christ Church Cathedral, the city's Anglican HQ.

We were out late because of an invitation from one of my readers, Peter Kelleher. He is an Irishman who lived and worked in St. Louis for twenty years and has been back in Dublin for two. STL DPB keeps him up with his home for nearly half his life. Terrific dinner (here), good conversation and a pint at a traditional pub to finish the evening. Adventures are planned on the outskirts of the area for today.

By the way, I generally agree with the statement in the first picture. Given the choice, though, I'd prefer a glass of good Argentine malbec.

Christ Church Cathedral 1


King of New York Hacks said...


Virginia said...

You never let us down on Thursday, B. !! I'm with King, it's a brilliant capture. I love me some beer ( when there's no bourbon or wine) and I love this beautiful church. It's just lovely and you got it just right.

I hope you and C are having fun and how very special to see it with a blog friend. Aren't blog friends just the best???

Olivier said...

tres bon le Wall Of Fame ;)

cieldequimper said...

Lol, beautiful arches. And I like the Wall of Fame A LOT.
Don't start drinking the brown stuff too early.

Paula said...

Nice arches in a beautifully made church. I've never had malbec but I wouldn't turn it down if I had the chance - especially if I was in the Argentine.

Martin said...

I love that arch in the church.