Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Am So Out Of Material...


...mostly from tons of work to clear before I travel, that I'm going deep into the archives. This was shot in Dublin in October, 2002. Heaven knows what kind of camera I was using back then. I remember this man: his jacket was worn, his expression was sad and his music was sweet. What will the city be like when we get there next week?


Stefan Jansson said...

Warm and sunny is my guess.

Virginia said...

He'll probably still be sitting right there.

Geesh B, when I'm out of material I have to put up a basket of tomatoes or maybe another dog shot. You pull out a fabulous street portrait. Maybe he's playing "My Heart Bleeds for You!"

cieldequimper said...

Not very different I think. Probably a few new buildings. But I'm sure you'll come across a fiddler.