Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Victory

Desperate for material. Had to spend most of yesterday at a wedding and reception for my wife's second cousin thrice removed or something way out in the exurbs. I did snag this in the morning, though. It goes out to our colleague Victor of
Gabriola Daily Photo.

Something very different to shoot today. Some friends asked me to do high school senior pictures for their daughter. That's a big deal around here. Never heard of it when I was that age in NYC, but then there were no digital cameras. Hope I do it right.


cieldequimper said...

Of course you will! ;-)

brattcat said...

I have no doubt the entire family will be well-pleased with the images you take of their daughter.

Virginia said...

Nicely composed with the lines!! Victor will be pleased and you did BW in his honor as well.

You'll do great with the portraits I'm sure. You do them so very well.