Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Among the Faeries

Like last year, I found a group of faeries flittering through Forest Park during the Earth Day festivities. They were young and old, mostly but not exclusively women, and stayed completely in character when they spoke to me. If you would like to become a very disoriented 21st Century technically savvy person, go to your local major urban park and chat for a while with faeries who play it completely straight.
Oberon and Titania must have been held up by Sunday's rain but it was completely charming. Could a photographer play Puck?


Olivier said...

elle fait penser a une ambassadrice de la paix et de l'amour. beau portait

Oakland Daily Photo said...

I feel like I'm at the Renaissance Fair again. OMG, is this one of those flashbacks they warned me about?!

brattcat said...

Oh, she is a beauty. You can almost smell the fresh air on her skin and in her hair. Beautiful capture, Bob. And yes, you can definitely play Puck.

Virginia said...

WEll I've never chatted it up with a faery. What do they talk about??? I"m LOL!

This one is just lovely!