Monday, April 5, 2010

International Pillow Fight Day

Did you know that last Saturday was
International Pillow Fight Day? Was it celebrated in your city? It was in quite a few. There was a very small scale version here. It was supposed to start at 3 under the Arch. It was a beautiful spring day and there were plenty of strollers but no groups big enough start a battle. At about 3:15 I began to wander off, thinking, well, another St. Louis poop out.

Then I saw a small group of people near the far leg swinging something. Not a battle but maybe a small skirmish.
I found about nine college students, led by Samantha, the smasher in the bottom picture, right of center in the group shot. Most of the combatants were women and they were tough. What they lacked in numbers they made up for with enthusiasm and good-natured violence. Hope there is a bigger donnybrook next year.


Olivier said...

je savais pas qu'il y avait un championnat de bataille de polochon ;o)) superbe photo.
En réponse a ton passage sur mon blog, c'etait les pâques orthodoxes mais Russe. said...

I never contemplated that pillow fights would occur outdoors, or in any competition.

Thank you for your nice comments about our condo. I am glad that your daughter and son in law enjoyed their stay. I hope you are able to plan a trip with them next year, or whenever your schedule will permit.

cieldequimper said...

I really don't think Versailles is that much fun (oops, shouldn't be saying that...)

Virginia said...

That's hilarious. Great shots!

Eleonora Baldwin said...

I haven't had a pillow fight in days. How fun to go to the park and host a BYOP party.

The group shot is genius, Bob.

Eleonora xx said...

What a funny and bloodless sport. Very nice to see it.

brattcat said...

This looks like such high spirited fun!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

In the last photo, sho really looks like she's whomping on the guy. Take no prisoners attitude. You go, girl!