Saturday, March 27, 2010

Post-Apocalypse Now

This kind of stuff just gets my eye. Some people might find it ugly. I think it's interesting, really interesting. This is a section of the Mississippi floodwall with a gap for access to barge operations. (The gap can be closed by a movable section of wall). There is wild, chaotic color juxtaposed against apparent desolation (but it's just river industrial operations). It kinda reminds me of paintings by Yves Tanguy.

I'm writing this at my desk late Friday afternoon. It's been a
long week. The postcard I keep here of Richard Avedon's portrait of William S. Burroughs is creeping me out. Time to go home. And Saturday?


Jilly said...

I agree with you Bob. however I do see some graffiti - or tags - in Menton, on beautiful old houses and I hate that. There is no artistry to it at all.

Hmmm... that portrait would freak me out too!

re the Grand Prix, it used to be that Monaco was the only place where Formula One went thru a city but I 'think' - not sure - that Singapore shares that honour now. Nowhere would have such narrow streets tho. Takes a lot to beat the excitement of the Grand Prix in Monaco. (Thanks for the comment, Bob).

cieldequimper said...

Ah, Yves Tanguy le breton, there was a fantastic exhibition in Quimper (Bretagne) not so long ago. Enough about places I'd rather be, I like your industrial gloom photos, they aren't gloomy at all though I would probably hesitate to wander about them.

Do you keep the portrait to shoo youself away on Friday nights?

Birdman said...

Interesting juxtaposition makes this one work. Burroughs creeps me out all the time especially writings, BUT I love them.

T. Becque said...

I have to say that as much as I enjoy your images, I just as much enjoy reading your words. Often, you'll say what I was thinking concerning some aspect of your pictures. And, I agree completely - I too am intrigued by this so called ugly stuff!