Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Purpose of All This Effort

Some people, like stoics and saints (and my partner's sister/paralegal) never complain. They shoulder life's burdens quietly. I think it's kinda fun to complain sometimes. You know, get it off your chest, wheedle a little sympathy. My day job is long and this blog takes up a, um, disproportionate amount of my scarce free time. Why make the effort? See above. That's what it boils down to.

I founds some new - to me - graffiti yesterday on the section of the Mississippi floodwall where it is permitted. This one seemed like a good way to note 1,096 days of an open-ended project. Which must mean that tomorrow (drumroll) is STL DPB's third anniversary! Stop by for something from the confectionary.


Jilly said...

There is no photo showing so I'll need to come back. Meanwhile, I'll be back tomorrow to wish you a happy third anniversary. You always give us something to think about and always, of course, super photos.

brattcat said...

I, too, will come back in search of the photo. And in celebration of your third anniversary. Your posts are consistently dazzling, Bob, and I thank you for the "disproportionate amount of scarce free time" you devote to this community.

Jilly said...

Oh yes indeed. You do make us look - and enjoy, and think and marvel. A thought provoking graffiti, Bob.

Virginia said...

Confectionary you say? Ummmmmmm I was thinking bubbly! :)

If you say the graffiti here is allowed, i'll buy it and I'll spare you and your readers one of my rants. You always make me look B!

Birdman said...


MilliGFunk said...

I didn't realize that there was a section of the river's flood wall where graffiti was accepted.

I appreciate your photography and the attention you give to the details of St. Louis.