Friday, February 19, 2010

STL DPB In Buenos Aires: Evita

We spent yesterday on the streets of Buenos Aires. It seemed strange to be touring on on a warm summer day, knowing how cold it is at home. We ended up at the Museo Eva Peron, an interesting and well-designed place. It was not a house of Evita worship. The contradictions of her life were presented in a balanced way. Visitors were left to answer the big questions about her for themselves: angel or devil? Tireless champion of the poor and workers, or power and luxury-mad woman, clawing her way to the top? In the end, her personal tragedy is depicted simply. It was very moving.

The quotation below is from Evita's book The Reason For My Life. It translates as something like, "when my life crossed paths with the life of Peron."

More new photos in the trip's Flickr set here.


Anonymous said...

This is a great picture. Thanks for the info. Next time I go to Bs As I will visit this museum.

Luis G., one of the daily readers of this great blog.

My regards to Mme C.

Virginia said...

Lovely images today. BW is perfect for both. Your POV for the bottom one is very interesting. Eva needs some "eyes" though. A tad creepy.

Kate said...

I think that humans are all a bundle of contradictions. I often wonder what would happen if similar circumstances were presented to people, and how they would handle power and values.

Beautiful photo of the sculpture.

cieldequimper said...

I'm not sure what to think of her but I know that I like the bust and the second photo especially.

All that comes to mind right now is "don't cry..." but that's coz it's TGIF and I'm tired.