Sunday, February 21, 2010

STL DPB Going Home: The Spirit Of Argentina

When this post goes up we'll probably be over Brazil somewhere in the middle of the night.

We had an exciting trip. It was our third visit to this country. We found a nation full of ambition and pride with an infrastructure often crumbling under its feet. I always got email and Internet on my iPhone. After a heavy thunderstorm Friday afternoon the aging storm sewers were overwhelmed and torrents ran down the streets of Recoleta, a nice part of town, starting to flood homes and businesses. The children - lots more than in white America and Europe - were ever cheerful. Yet the national poverty rate is about 25% (by someone's definition) and we saw abject shantytowns. Nearby the dangerous slums of La Boca, the steel and glass towers of Puerto Madero gleam over the Rio de la Plata - the Silver River. The people are stylish. You can dine fabulously well for a moderate price. The government plays to the crowd. Lots of people evade taxes. The sidewalks crumble. They have national health care, unlike someone else we could mention.

here if you get a chance.

This time next year we hope to come back to South America and focus our attention of Chile. Our little taste last week was enticing. Home by this afternoon. More new pix in the set on Flickr here.


brattcat said...

Welcome home. And thanks for bringing us along on your adventure.

Virginia said...

What a trip we've had with you two. You've shown me places I've never heard of let alone visited. Your photos are terrific as always.

Kate said...

Ah, your photos inspire me to visit the countries of South America and brush up on my Spanish. No time like the present. Thanks for sharing your trip. Have I told you that your header is quite amusing?!

Ming the Merciless said...

I love the graffiti work here. It reminds me a lot of NYC street art.