Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Images And Memories

On the street in Santiago, Chile. Our superb guide and now personal friend, Luis Gumucio, told us (if I got it right) that these people were waiting in line for a bank to open so they could get the equivalent of Social Security benefits. Apparently you can get the money by check or direct deposit, like here. Some people do not want to maintain a bank account but can get the funds in cash at a bank. These people are a little slice of Chilean society.

Seeing Luis again is reason enough for us to return to Chile. He is a Renaissance man. He plays several musical instruments, is knowledgeable in a wide range of Spanish and English literature, teaches language and violin, is an expert in life insurance management and decided to do a little tour guiding on the side to meet a few interesting people. I'm glad he did. We met one.


cieldequimper said...

Luis sounds like someone I would enjoy talking to.
This photo is like a reminder of the various depressions.

Olivier said...

beaucoup de gens n'ont pas confiance dans les banques, qui ferment et peuvent faire perdre toutes leurs economies

Virginia said...

A slice of Chile indeed. The A-HA posters add something as well. Glad you made a new friend. Sounds like you were lucky to find him!

Anonymous said...

Dear Bob, I am really honoured by your comments. I ponder that it was indeed a good idea to explore this line of activity. The most precious asset in life, meeting wonderful people and making new friends, my gratitude for that.

Luis Gumucio

PJ said...

What an interesting phenomenon. Everybody does it their own way, makes perfect sense to them and not to us. I'm glad you made such a gracious friend. Welcome home.