Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Images And Memories

People who visit Buenos Aires may remember the sound as much as any other sensation. The traditional accordion-like instrument is the bandoneon, played here by an old master in the show at La Ventana. It has a character all its own that can sing with exquisite lyricism (it seems especially well-suited to sadness) or tap dance around your ears. The great modern virtuoso was Astor Piazzola, who died in 1992. I recommend that you run right out and buy his CD Tango: Zero Hour. You'll thank me. The first track, Tanguedia III, makes me shiver. Watch and listen to Piazzola perform it here.

I suppose if I go dumpster diving I can come up with an Arch picture for tomorrow.


Olivier said...

j'adore Astor Piazzola, je l'ai vu en concert à Paris, c'était un moment magique. Très belle ta photo, avec une belle lumiere.

cieldequimper said...

Ah yes. I don't have his CDs but my parents do. Shivering is the word. I'm sure you must have enjoyed that a lot.

Virginia said...

I think I will listen to this one. It couldn't possibly sound like you know who......could it??? And I don't plan to lose one wink of sleep over whether you'll pull a good photo of the Big A out of the stash.