Saturday, October 31, 2009

Terrace View

I go right by Citygarden at the beginning of my drive home from work. Last night, I swerved into a parking place when I saw a nearly full moon hanging in haze straight over the Arch. More about that later. I took a few pix with my good point-n-shoot and then got attracted by the lights in Citygarden. The Terrace View is the bar and cafe overlooking the art and gardens. Someplace slick to stop for a drink on early Friday evening.


cieldequimper said...

Looks inviting indeed after a hard week's work.

Virginia said...

LOVE the colors. Good pic with that P&S Mr. Crowe!

Julie said...

great image and lighting is wonderful.

PJ said...

I've been cruising the Blogosphere tonight. It's strange how interconnected the blogs are and how very good so many of the images are. I came here at the end of a long trail and I could use a drink on a terrace like that. Pretty cool, Bob.