Saturday, October 10, 2009

More From The Pulitzer

Cieldequimper of Versailles Daily Photo asked to see a broader view of Joe, Richard Serra's sculpture at the Pulitzer Foundation in memory of Joseph Pulitzer, Jr. Her wish is our command. The work is 3 or 4 meters tall so you can't see the internal design. However, you can get a top view if you click here to go to the Foundation's web site, then click on Richard Serra.

Quick trip up to Chicago this afternoon to cheer on City Daily Photoblogger U "R" Us, one of the heirs to the St. Louis Daily Photo fortune. He's running the Chicago Marathon tomorrow morning. It's his first time but he's been training hard and he will do well. Send him your best wishes.


Virginia said...

Interesting! Hmmmmmmmm
PS I'll RUN right over and wish A well !

cieldequimper said...

Thank you! It's a strange sculpture but I like it and your treatment makes it looks surreal. Best wishes to the marathon man!