Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Autumn For A King

So that's the big dude himself, St. Looie, a/k/a Louis IX, Roi de France. He's been here several times before, his monumental statue standing in front of the St. Louis Art Museum (motto: dedicated to art and free to all. How ya gonna top that?), looking down the broad slope of Art Hill. No doubt the trees in the background were planted, at least in part, for their spectacular fall color. They look regal.


Sharon said...

Wow, this is a gorgeous shot at one of my favorite places in St. Louis! Those trees are wonderful.

cieldequimper said...

Everything looks regal here!

To answer your question: I've got a more historical post about le Grand Trianon coming up that I need to research a little before I post it. Yet though Marie-Antoinette liked the Grand Trianon, she much preferred the smaller one.

Antjas said...

I have a picture from that exact same spot from exactly a year ago while visiting our son at Wash U. It was and still is spectacular.

Virginia said...

Another shot that the city should pay you for. Fab.
OH and B, I thought our own Eric Tenin was roi de France????? :)

Paula said...

There's something about autumn, all the colors the change to cool weather. The series is a welcome sight. I hope work is slowing down for you.

Dusty Lens said...

Red carpet for St. Louis. Ain't autumn grand?