Sunday, September 20, 2009

STL DPB On The Road: Plateaus of Tibet

Not a very sharp picture but, I think, a poignant one. Taken from a moving car, this little girl from a small family of yak herders makes human contact with the white faces rolling past. Note the adult, smaller child and tent in the background. They spend much of their lives in isolation, grazing their animals on what you see in the foreground. I couldn't see any water in the landscape.

Time to go home. It's been an intense journey. We'll be back in St. Louis in just over 48 hours, winds, aircraft and Delhi airport bureaucrats willing. Hope to get some picture editing done on the long flight from there to Chicago.


Sharon said...

This photo is amazing. That little girl has no idea that her photo has been published around the world and will be seen by hundreds of people before the day is done.

Virginia said...

Oh I could cry. A life we cannot fathom. Lovely portrait B.

FromWoodbury said...

I had to stare at this photo for a long time. It's such a different world. A simple existence. Who's to say we are any happier than they are. Thanks, Bob, for documenting your journey.