Friday, September 25, 2009

STL DPB On The Road: Labor In Nepal

A woman carries a large sack along a muddy road in the outskirts of Bhaktipur. We saw this kind of labor often in Nepal and Tibet. I can't speculate what this does to the cervical spine.

I apologize for not getting back to leaving comments on my friend's blogs. Eleven time zones of jet lag has been tough to overcome. I've stumbled around work my first two days back and fallen asleep after dinner. Back to that this evening, I hope. Got to get out and shoot some new St. Louis material this weekend.


Olivier said...

une très belle photo reportage. cela doit être un effort assez violent.

Virginia said...

Oh B, this breaks my heart. I don't know how you and C. could see this day after day. Whew! Oh my.

And don't you worry for one minute about all of us. Have a big slug of wine and go to bed tonight. We sho ain't going anywhere!

magiceye said...

its either this or starvation
life is tough - an understatement

Sharon said...

This is an amazing photo. It really captures the struggle of life in many places. From the load she is carring to the way she carries it to walking in that mud with those shoes and in that garb, everthing about this shot makes you want to reach out and help.