Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Blues

From the St. Louis Festival of Nations. American blues certainly counts as part of the spectrum of international musical art. This picture is one of the early shots in my hands project. Those arched fingers cover a harmonica, a blues harp. So simple an instrument, yet so capable of the sound of human melancholy.

TOMORROW: K KK KK KK Kat... (guest photo). Time to head way, way east. No Arch picture this week.


Luis Gomez said...

I can almost hear the music. Beautiful image.

Virginia said...

Beautiful hand shot and portrait. This is one of my favs! Tick tock tick tock.... almost time for blast off! I do hope you sprung for business class B!

Olivier said...

belle photo de cet harmoniciste en action.

Meri said...

Great hand shot. I love hands as a subject, as well.

Virginia said...

I'm back. I want to add that this portrait reminds me of something our friend Snapper would take, in BW of course. And don't worry, while you're outta pocket, I"ll keep a close eye on A. in your absence. I'm sure he'll be thrilled.