Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meanwhile, Back In Tibet: Our Guide, Tenzin Choedak

Before we stop doing Asia pictures on the blog, there are a couple of special things I wanted to feature. This is our superb Tibetan guide, Tenzin Choedak. He's a native of Lhasa but familiar with the whole territory. He's done mountaineering and rescue missions. Choedak seems to know everybody who matters. He works awfully hard and keeps everything under control with unflappable charm.

The guy is good. He can arrange custom travel programs throughout Tibet - he is certainly the person we'd go to if we return and Phil Colley of The Oriental Caravan, our tour leader, wasn't planning something. I'm reluctant to publish Choedak's email address here because that would generate lots of spam but if you are interested, contact me and I'll send it to you. Phil, by the way, does a terrific job on small group travel in Asia. We've been to Japan with him and came back for more.

The picture above was taken in the middle of nowhere with a child from a family of herders. The one below is at Everest base camp.

A bunch of new pictures have been added to the Nepal and Tibet set on Flickr here.

TOMORROW: Return of the Thursday Arch series!


Olivier said...

Superbe couleur,cela donne deux beaux portraits avec un paysage de rêve derrière

Virginia said...

I think you were fortunate to find such a wonderful guide for your trip. I would think finding those that speak English would be a bit of a problem as well. Very nice portraits of Tenzin.

cieldequimper said...

Two wonderful portraits. That's the best way to visit a country.

Umbilicum Mundi Photos said...

Beautiful shots ...

Hello Bob.


JM said...

I have also visited Tibet a couple of years ago! :-)