Tuesday, August 18, 2009

World Naked Bike Ride, Part 2

This picture gives some idea of what the WNBR looked like when it left Tower Grove Park and hit the street. For the locals, the group is riding north on Grand, just north of Arsenal. The Bare As You Dare slogan is evident, with some people more-or-less fully clothed and others, well, not.

This was a difficult assignment. It was too dark in the park for much light besides the flash on the foreground. The riders left the park in an area with no street lights, so I was shooting into the dark at whatever appeared to be moving. A couple of pics, like
this one, got a cool effect by using second curtain sync on the flash. It's a fun effect for night shots.

Flickr users know that you get a running count of how many people have viewed each of your photos. This set started to go up barely 36 hours ago and it's blown away the number of views of anything I've ever posted there, now almost 2,000 images. Maybe it's from people searching Flickr for the keyword naked. As they say, sex sells.


Antjas said...

A few years ago a fellow "fully spandex clad" biker sent me a set of some rather eye popping photos of this event where it was broad daylight and everyone was totally naked but fully body painted. I think the point was not so much to be shocking by being naked, but who could come up with the most unique paint job. Anyway, I was going to pass those photos on to you but had 2nd thoughts because I didn't know how prudish you might be (I now realize you're not) and I didn't ever want to be investigated for sending what might be considered pornography through the internet.

Virginia said...

How can you turn down some nudey photos from a cherub like Antjas???? I think that's hilarious. Forward them on to me so we can all three go to jail! I had a right humorous interchange with a photo someone sent me that I sent along to Peter. Then he sent it to Ming for pete's sake. Lord have mercy they both had a good time ribbing me about that one.

That all said, I am impressed you got moving targets in the dark especially when there was so much to SEE! HA

Virginia said...

Oh and I forgot to add, I'm one of those 2000 Flickr folks ogling your photos. :)

Olivier said...

ils sont très décontractés ;o)
they are very relaxed ;o)

Ming the Merciless said...

I will have to view your Flickr photos from home since this set looks to be non-PG rated. :-)

Jilly said...

Oh too right, sex sells. I only have to put a photo on one of the blogs of a Monte Carlo lady and up go the viewings and they are not even nude.

Well this looks like a fun night but for a guy, truly nude, something tells me that riding a bike might be slightly uncomfortable - non?

Pat said...

This reminds me of the 'Bare to Breakers' run in San Francisco. Of course, there they do get naked and run for 8 or more miles.

Anonymous said...