Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Portraits of St. Louis Artists: Paul Young

I shoot everything in color. If I want to go to black and white, I use a B&W adjustment layer in Photoshop. My first edit of this picture was in color (you can see it here). However, the more I thought about it, Paul Young and his work have such seriousness of purpose that monochrome might be more appropriate.

Young makes exquisitely detailed reproductions of old rural buildings. These are not just models; they carry the spirit of a place. A photograph cannot do justice to the craftsmanship and, I think, love involved in making them. Some of the work is so fine he has to use dental tools. You just have to see it for yourself.

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Birdman said...

Again, I very interesting 'capture' of these artists.

Olivier said...

beau portrait et surtout bon choix du b&w (je préfère cette version à la version couleur).

Anonymous said...

To build a model of a dilapidated building is quite an accomplishment and from those behind him it looks like he is the master builder. Nice shot too in black and white. It works better than the color for this subject.

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cieldequimper said...

You're right, it does look better in b&w. The colour photo has too much space in the bottom part. Paul's work is very appealing.

Buenos Aires Photoblog said...

Black and white works good here although I like the little green parts in Paul's reproductions. Anyway, he must be a very patient person.

Stefan Jansson said...

That sounds very interesting. The B&W works well here I think.