Friday, August 7, 2009

Portraits of St. Louis Artists: Angela Malchionno

Angela Malchionno makes the most subtle works on and from paper, fabric and other unexpected materials. They are complex. Her statement on her web site says:
My current body of work explores the developed and undeveloped landscape as a metaphor for shifting personal identitiy. I am concerned with increasingly routinized interactions between people and what architect Sanford Kwinter describes as a neo-fordist world in which the unpredictable forces of human nature are boxed up, walled off and disregarded.
I must confess that I had never heard the term fordist, neo or otherwise, until I read this text. So I looked it up - see here. In any event, her web site has many illustrations of her work. The objects in the foreground of the photo are similar to these. They are made of bits of paint color sample cards, each pinned to a core. One can look at them for a long time.


JM said...

Great portraits (and compositions) on this page! Also like the Arch image.

Buenos Aires Photoblog said...

The art she makes is fascinating. To me, her art reveals and expresses the diverse aspects of femininity and masculinity. Great portrait!

Dusty Lens said...

Fascinating; are we to gather that a return to fordism will get us out of this economic mess, the very thing that may have caused this mess in the first place? Much to digest.

Anyway, you have a wonderful series of portraits to inspire us non-portrait takers to change our ways.

Virginia said...

DL is right. Your portraits do inspire me. I've got to do better. Maybe this series will do the trick. Angela is one smart cookie and talented as all get out.