Monday, August 31, 2009

At the Festival of Nations

Seen at our Festival of Nations in Tower Grove Park this weekend, as a group of Indian dancers prepared to take the stage. The lovely performers appear to include a young Lakshmi, goddess of beauty and grace, and a beatific bodhisattva, as near to enlightenment as one can get is St. Louis, Missouri. But how did Molly McGuire, there in the background, find her way into this troupe?

Electronics and jet planes have created a world unknowable to our ancestors. Here I am on Monday morning, in my office, looking out the window at the Arch. By Friday I'll be in India, if only for one night. Most of us now realize that there are no fairies and that Harry Potter is just an entertaining fiction, but this planet has become more magical that we could have ever imagined.

TOMORROW: CDP monthly theme day, BIG.


Olivier said...

beau portrait, avec un petit sourire crispé ;o))
nice portrait, with a small tensed smile ;o))

Stefan Jansson said...

Very colorful dresses.

Virginia said...

Just wonderful portraits today B. I am lovin that little redhead in the background. That's hilarious. Wonder what the airport's like in India? Guess you'll find out for us soon!

cieldequimper said...

Lol, that's Tara Mc Guinness! Isn't that smile just gorgeous while her little comrade looks so concentrated! Wonderful shot!

Tussy said...

Love the purple.

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