Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Arch Series

Something a little different. I went over to East St. Louis, Illinois, to see whether the new Mississippi River overlook opposite the Arch had opened. It's been under construction for a long time and looks really cool. However, the official opening is June 6 and the guard chased me away. She cheerfully told me, though, that thr railroad police hadn't been hassling anyone about taking photos from the tracks across the street. Hence this one.

This picture looks like it was shot with a
Holga, a fairly cheap plastic film camera that can make some really crazy images. Check the galleries on the Holga web site or or look at a Holga group on Flickr like this one. Well, I'm a big fake. I did not go old school on everyone. This is a digital effect done with a Photoshop plugin called PhotoTools from onOne software. And it was shot with a Lensbaby. And, um, it's a HDR image. More toys. Toys R Us.

There is a new Arch photo
today on GATEWAY.


Olivier said...

j'adore voir des photos venant des appareils Holga. Une autre vie dans le monde des appareils photos, cela faisait des photos totalement délirant. Voir le site Non Photography

Miranda McAfee said...

Very cool effect(s). I'm glad she was nice enough to point you in the direction of the tracks, it was worth being kicked out of one spot.

Sharon said...

I really like this shot. It shows the beauty of the St. Louis riverbank and the grittiness I remember of the East St. Louis riverbank. I'm glad to hear they are creating the Mississippi Overlook. With such a wonderful view, it was such a waste to not have a great place on the east side of the river where one could take in the beauty of the river and the St. Louis skyline

Virginia said...

Toys B U is the truth. That whole thing was mumbo jumbo to me. Cool photo though. I'm sitting here with the windows open and can I tell you someone's dinner smells so damn good I'm ready to start knocking on doors?? The photographer's buffet is all you can eat around here. Help me stop Bob! Wait till you see my tomorrow's post. BTW, I'm posting on Paris time now. Quelle surprise!

cieldequimper said...


Snapper said...

Love the image. I knew right away that it wasn't a Holga or a Diana though, since they are both square format machines. Isn't Chuck Berry from East St. Louis?

PJ said...

I like this a lot, it's pretty cool.
I don't have a Holga but I have an Argus viewfinder camera that I plan to use for TtV - through the viewfinder - photos. I still have to build the bridge piece. It's a lot like a Holga, lots of vignetting.

Jilly said...

It astounds me how many ways you find to photograpah the arch. I don't know anything about Holgas, but do like this.

magicpolaroid said...

Hello! I really like this instant image! the colors and location! good job!