Saturday, May 16, 2009

STL DPB On The Road: Live From New York, It's Friday Night

Here we are in the Big Apple. As mentioned earlier, we met my paralegal of 26 years, Cindy (on the right - doesn't look like it's possible, does it?) and her daughter, Alaina. Cindy brought Alana here for an 8th grade graduation present and the young lady was set on seeing Times Square at night. A few minutes later we walked by a Best Buy store on 5th Avenue and saw Green Day inside doing a promotion. Alana got right on the phone and told her friends.


cieldequimper said...

Great shot of two lovely young ladies! Ah, you've got my heart beating a bit faster: Times Square!!!

Virginia said...

Great shot of mother and daughter.(They look more like sisters however!). Bravo Cindy for putting up with "The Boss" for that many years!

Now I"ve got to google Green Day. I have no clue.

Julie said...

such a cool experience for Alaina. Green Day is awesome. Gorgeous mother-daughter photo at Times Square

Virginia said...

I'm back here too. I googled Green Day. It looked like some stuff on Andy's blog and I'm "skeered" of it. I"ll pass.

Olivier said...

tu as de la chance d'être à NYC...j'aimerais tant être dans la plus belle ville du monde.

you're lucky to be in NYC ... I would be so in the most beautiful city in the world.

Hyde DP said...

I had to google to be sure to know what a "paralegal" was - don't know why you'd need one (unless you're a lawyer yourself) but she and her daughter look to be doing well.