Sunday, May 10, 2009

Art In The Dark

I'd never been to either of our major art fairs at night before. The one in September in Clayton is in an urban setting, surrounded by streetlights and buildings. Laumeier Sculpture Park is a large wooded area out in the suburbs with less light pollution. As the sun set it felt a little like going camping with artists. I hated camping when I was a Boy Scout. (I also hated being a Boy Scout - hi, ho, the city life for me.) But I might be willing to find a lean-to and sleep with the great sculpture of this place, more about which over the next couple of days.

I shot a bunch of new Arch pictures yesterday.

I see.


cieldequimper said...

Outdoor fairs are cool, I love the first shot, the "twilight" one!

Sharon said...

This looks like fun. None of our art fairs stay open at night. Too bad. It looks lovely.

PJ said...

These make me feel all warm and dreamy. Nights like this are to be treasured, such gorgeous lighting, Bob.