Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Arch Series

I decided to publish one of my B&W photos of the Gateway Arch every Thursday for a while. Been picking away at this series for a couple of years. The Arch is trivialized around here. It's on logos for every kind of business (Archway Liquors, etc.). Trite blue sky-fluffy cloud-city skyline images of it are all around (here's an example) but it is designed with remarkable architectural and mathematical principles. I drive by the Arch almost every morning on my way to work - I think it's the most beautiful piece of monumental sculpture I've seen anywhere in the world. Its dappled (not at all smooth) stainless steel skin changes with every hour of the day and kind of weather. These pictures, all quite spare, are meant to avoid cliches and honor its art.

This photo was taken from beyond the park south of the Arch as thunderstorms rolled in.


Deb said...

Beautiful choice to go B&W here, and your unconventional perspective is refreshing.

Dsole said...

oh I like it!
It's like a road to sky!

Anonymous said...

I totally see like an angry hedgehog bursting through the clouds at the top in a left to right direction. Good job capturing that. I'll bet he was recently clubbed to death on the isle of Mauritius (a passtime there, seriously - I saw it on some travel show on PBS) and has mistakenly come to mete out his wrath on St. Louis.