Friday, March 23, 2007

Not going to the Mardi Gras parade

Taken February 17, 2007, the day of Saint Louis' modest, cold Mardi Gras parade. Not everyone was into the beads and beer. This bus stop is across the street from Busch Stadium, our new baseball venue.


Chuckeroon said...

Welcome to CDP. By the way, I had difficulty finding your comments tag. Liked the lad witht the tatoos...Poser!!

Bob Crowe said...

Thanks for your comment. I am completely new at blogging but not photography. I took down the tryptich of the tattoo guy after I received the e-mail with the group's rules, including no photos of people without permission. I didn't get a model release from that person.

Dumb questions from a newbie: what's a comments tag? And where can I get help installing the CDPB script? I don't write code. The members only section says "if you need instructions, please visit" and then there is no link. Haven't figured out yet where to find this.