Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Godzilla destroys St. Louis!

Has Godzilla become bored with Tokyo and decided to wreak havoc on the shores of the Mississippi River? Nihonjin need not worry. This is just a bit of fun, something I did as an excercise years ago when I was trying to learn Photoshop (and I'm still trying).


Anonymous said...

you have quite a talent, very believable!

Olivier said...

tres bon montage. j'aime beaucoup.
Godzilla est partout, je l'avais rencontre à NYC, voir mon post :
Amedée contre Godzilla

very good assembly. I like much. Godzilla is everywhere, I had it meeting with NYC, to see my post:
Amedée against Godzilla

Dsole said...

hehe I think i should start someday playing like you with photoshop! Cool result!That's a funny way to learn!
By the way, welcome to DP family! :)

Janet said...

Well, Godzilla and the fire sure caught my eye! Welcome. I'm another newby to this.