Monday, September 20, 2010

The Great Forest Park Balloon Race: The Bunny

Energizer Bunny 1

The Great Forest Park Balloon Race took place last weekend. Friday's night's balloon glow was featured here two days ago. The race itself was Saturday afternoon. The setup is "hare and hounds." One balloon takes off several minutes before the rest and lands wherever. The hounds - all the other balloons - give chase. The winner is the balloon crew that drops a bag of birdseed (why birdseed?) closet to the hare (so why not rabbit food?).

The great pun is that the hare balloon is the Energizer Bunny. The battery company's HQ is here. They claim it is by far the biggest hot air balloon in the US, taller that the Statue of Liberty. The sky held only a breath of wind at launch time. The newspaper said that the breeze was so light that the race did not leave the boundaries of Forest Park.

That's no fun, but there are lots more good balloon pictures for the rest of the week.

Rabbit Ears

Bunny Rising 1

Bunny Rising 2


Olivier said...

WAOUHH superbe cette montgolfière, c'est une photo culte....

Sharon said...

These are such fun shots! I remember seeing this balloon a couple of times while I was working there.

Martin said...

Good God, that's a big bunny...