Friday, September 3, 2010


Connemara 1

Connemara is a desolate, mountainous region in the west of Ireland, straddling Counties Mayo and Galway. There are peat bogs, some sheep (including several in the middle of the road when you round the next turn), a few villages and wild beauty. It's one of my favorite parts of the country (subordinate, of course, to the my family's ancestral home in the pastures of County Clare). These pictures were all taken yesterday in Connemara National Park.

Back at Ashford last night, we decided not to have our pockets vacuumed by the restaurant in the castle. We went down to the adjacent village of Cong (official theme song here) to dine at The Crowe's Nest pub and restaurant, where I met Michael Crowe, the proprietor. Photos soon. I recommend the crispy duck.

Connemara 3

Connemara 2


cieldequimper said...

You even saw an UFO. Rare indeed in Eire. What I remember of Connemara is green, so I'm a bit surprised!

brattcat said...

So dramatic...and you took these before you had your pockets vacuumed.

Molly said...

Sigh.....and I'm stuck here, melting in Fl.

ShadowyOne said...

Lovely pics, Bob, but I challenge you to a prettier sky pic (see my latest fb post w/ sky above grapevines) - and that only w/ iPhone camera since I have no laptop w/ me to upload "real" photos.

Paula said...

A lovely view Bob. I've heard of Connemara, maybe from a BBC production? I'm glad you got the crispy duck, when it's done properly duck is so delicious.