Monday, August 30, 2010

Trouble and Beauty

Belfast Mural 1

A brief note. We don't rest on our vacations. We're out to see the world. It's late Sunday and I'm a bit tired but the day was full of powerful images.

Before we left Belfast, we walked around a nearby road with many Unionist murals from The Troubles. Living in the US, I was aware of the conflict in Northern Ireland for two decades but did not understand it at all. It is astounding to view the remnants of such violence and hatred. I recommend you check the link on this one - it's a long story.

The city is relatively peaceful today but we saw many buildings with in-your-face displays of the Union Jack and the flag of Northern Ireland, and some doing the same with the flag of the Republic of Ireland. The city is safe but it's
not all over.

In the afternoon, we visited the Giants Causeway on the north coast of the island. Huge hexagonal basalt columns formed by volcanic activity are thrust up along the shore. You have never seen anything like it. Legend has it that the Irish giant, Finn McCool, built it as a pathway to meet and battle his Scottish counterpart.

There are many more of these images for me to edit but that's all for Sunday night.

Murdered By The Enemies

Our Wee Country

Giants Causeway 1

Giants Causeway 2

Giants Causeway 3


cieldequimper said...

I lived in London during the IRA terror. I remember hearing the Chelsea Post Office bomb explode from my bed, as well as walking by a restaurant my parents used to go to on my way to school after it had been blown up. I even remember Bobby Sands' time in the Maze.
Later I read a lot about the very complex Ulster history, and the hatred still leaves me speechless after all these years.

Virginia said...

You bring us so much we need to know and see. Thank you.

patty said...

the week i was touring, there was some protest in Belfast. We were alittle unsure of going there, but as we toured we saw nothing of any unrest. your photos are bringing back my trip

T. Becque said...

Well, I'm just irritated, I didn't realize you were posting pictures of Ireland while you were there! I could have been looking at them all this time. (For some reason I thought you were taking a break) Anyway, fascinating history, culture, and photos you have given us.