Friday, August 6, 2010

Portraits of St. Louis Artists: Jim Trotter

Portraits of St. Louis Artists- Jim Trotter

Jim Trotter is a St. Louis photographer I greatly admire. His skills blow mine away. Well, he's a pro and I'm...a lawyer. He is active in local photography organizations and puts on educational programs at his studio. Click the link on his name and look at some of his work. And see that book he is holding? You should buy it if you are interested in the St. Louis scene. Go to and click Best of St. Louis Book.

About yesterday's photo: several people left very nice comments, for which I thank them. How was it done? It was shot in color as a RAW file, as always. It got its first buffing in Lightroom and then another in Photoshop. Each has its own advantages. Then I used a suite of Photoshop plug-ins called PhotoTools to convert it to a B&W with the look of a Holga camera using infrared film. A bit of a bother but I like what came out. And yes, Olivier, I used fill flash on the sign.

7 comments: said...

Your photo yesterday is proof that your photos are good enough for publication in a book.

cieldequimper said...

Super portrait with the book.

The problem is that I can't help thinking about the Trotters, a BBC series called 'only fools and horses'set in Peckham, one of the not so nice parts of London.

LD said...

I'd say you're both very talented. The rather arresting photo of nudes behind Mr. Trotter creates an intriguing contrast to his demure expression here. But you probably already know that.

Gunn said...

Nice portrait of the artist and his art!!

Virginia said...

No need to worry about me replicating that BW photo. Sounded like Chinese to me.

What a nice portrait of Jim. I'd like to see his book.

Rob said...

Impressive portrait series, I'm a bit portrait shy.

I too use Lightroom and the latest Photoshop Elements. I am curious as to why you don't convert to B&W in Lightroom. oh and thanks for the reminder about using fill flash.

Steffe said...

Nice portrait. I will obviously check out his photos.