Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Last Note From Kansas

Farmers Cooperative

This is the last of the photos from Kansas shot last weekend. This is the grain elevator in Hanover, the town where my mother-in-law lives. It's like the gold depository for the local farmers.

A NOTE ABOUT YESTERDAY'S POST: there is something in the top picture I didn't notice. I mentioned in Monday's post that my wife is the great granddaughter of Juergen Kruse, who emigrated from Germany to the US in 1858. She noticed that Juergen's tomb is in that photo. It's one of the tall ones, just right of center. If you look carefully you can see the name Kruse near the base.


Olivier said...

belle photo b&w, on dirait qu'elle a ete prise au flash ?

cieldequimper said...

Yes, Kruse allright.
I've just remembered that it's also the name of K├Ąthe Kruse, a dollmaker.

Gorgeous photo, I love these American elevators.

When do you think they dropped the second 'n' in Hannover? When an Englishman founded Dorchester? But that's in Nebraska, right?

Birdman said...

Lots of those grain elevators spread across Kansas as I remember. Looks distinctive in b/w.

brattcat said...

Your mother-in-law lives in a grain elevator?

Virginia said...

BC is on top of it today. LOL!!! Great shot. Timeless.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

This is so nice !!I loved this post !!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

You did yourself proud with this one, Bob. Composition, texture,including a feeling of Place.

patty said...

Hi, left you some recommendations on your trip

T. Becque said...

Nice one!