Wednesday, August 18, 2010

But What's The Score?

Surreal Scoreboard

Scoreboards in modern sports stadiums can be overwhelming. I remember the scoreboard in old Yankee Stadium when I was a kid. It had short words, simple numbers, essential information, maybe an analog clock. The board in the new Busch Stadium is a multi-channel circus. This section of the video screen looks like it was taken over by one of my favorite contemporary artists, James Rosenquist. He started his career as a sign painter.

Notice that the board is in transition from one image to another. If you look carefully, you can see the back of the man in yesterday's photo, showing the text I mentioned on his shirt.

I've been posting strange pix of a stadium video board this week. Maybe I'm out of ideas. Maybe it's creative. I dunno, you pick. But we have a nice Arch photo tomorrow, something a little different. And next week STL DPB is on the road again, bringing fresh subjects by late Tuesday or Wednesday. The location is greener and cooler than St. Louis. The inhabitants drink black liquid and say it's good for you. Anyone care to guess? The first person who submits a correct entry by this weekend wins a postcard print of the STL DPB picture of her or his choice. Staff, agents, lackeys and counsel of St. Louis Daily Photo are excluded. Same applies to my kids and possibly a certain Alabama magnolia blossom, who may know (but she can have a card if she wants anyway). Contest otherwise void where prohibited by law, common sense or good taste.

MID-MORNING UPDATE: my friend Jan Jaboor, one of the resident artists at Soulard Art Market, sent me an email about the charming gentleman in yesterday's picture. It turns out he is a Busch Stadium fixture and that's not a sleeveless shirt he's wearing, it's body paint (quelle horreur!). He's been written up in the local weekly alternative paper and has his own web site. The site lists the games he will be attending. Turns out he is going to a Cardinals - Cubs game in Chicago on September 25. My wife, our son and I will be there, too. Can't wait to see him again!


Olivier said...

dans cette folie qu'est un match de baseball, est ce que le score est vraiment important ? j'ai l'impression que l'on vient plus pour le spectacle que pour le sport

Cheryl said...


cieldequimper said...

Dublin. No, that would be too short a trip.

Interesting remark from Olivier.

French pavilion? I don't know why it's called like that, sorry!

Virginia said...

Greener and cooler? I have no clue B. How did I get outta the Crowe loop??? But, if it's greener and COOLER I want to go!

PS I want a print, I want a print!

My WV is BEMBOONI, I'm too old to be one of those anymore!

Sally said...

Hi Bob,
I think you are off to Seattle, as earlier mentioned. But, I could say you were coming to San Fran, as all we have had this year is COOL weather - and everyone is crabby. It is the summer that wasn't. Even Napa and Sonoma are concerned - they need the heat for the grapes. Safe travels. Can't wait to see more pics and comments.

Rob said...

You're heading to a place in which it is greener, cooler and to drink good black liquid. Well, Rome is where the best espresso in the world comes from, but that's not greener. And certainly not cooler. Perhaps Seattle is the best choice.

Birdman said...

This is a good one!

Let me take a wild guess: Back in Maine drinkin' Moxie! Bring your sweater... night's are getting cool.

T. Becque said...

My vote is for creative - I think this pic is pretty cool. As to where you're going, I'd say Seattle but I wouldn't be the first and then I wouldn't win anything, so I'll pick...Boston (I have no idea if it's cooler and I don't know about their beverages, but I thought I remember hearing something about their dark ale).