Saturday, October 17, 2009

STL DPB On The Road: San Francisco - Transamerica Building In Fog


Yesterday morning, a lawyer-photographer friend and I took a pass on the conference and went walking with our cameras. Heavy fog was beginning to lift. This is the Transamerica Building, SF's pyramid, backlit through the fog by the morning sun. Why does a shadow of the pinnacle appear to be hanging on the cloud behind the building? If there are any meteorologists of optics experts out there, please help us out.

Lots of San Francisco pix are going up on Flickr here.


Elizabeth Frick said...

Beautiful shot! I found your blog just a week or so ago and I LOVE it. I hope you have lots of readers b/c you do lovely work.

Virginia said...

Well this is one for the old portfolio as I told you last night. Amazing!!! And I hope you stopped in and got your teeth whitened while you were there!:)

cieldequimper said...

Fog and bright teeth. Oh I love this one!

Sharon said...

Fantastic shot. I know I've mentioned before how I worked for 2 years in St. Louis. Well, I also worked in San Francisco (and Chicago and a few other cities). I loved living for short periods in other cities and learning all about them. In fact, just looking at the street scene in foreground of your photo, I know exactly where you took this photo.

Virginia said...

I just checked your FLickr. Only a few more added. May I assume that you caved and actually attended some of those lawyerly meetings today??? Oh Bob, say it isn't so!!!

Paula said...

This is in Chinatown? If so, love the contrast, on every level.