Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Arch Series

A sure sign that I have been repatriated: the return of the Thursday Arch Series. This shot was taken lying flat on my back in the grass under the apex of the big hoop. Notice how the windows on the observation deck angle out and down - you can look straight at the grass below if vertigo is not a problem for you.

Gradually getting my body clock reset. Got to get out on the street this weekend and start photographing my city again.

unpacking. Our bedroom floor is a mess.

strength and stone.


Virginia said...

Thursday...Arch Series....all's right with the world again. Whew! That trip of yours had MY body clock all fouled up too! If I were up there and looked down and saw grass and someone lying on their back with a camera , If I weren't dizzy as all get out, I'd die laughing!

Olivier said...

belle photo macro de l'arche ;o)
nice macro photograph of the arch ;o)

U "R" Us said...

Love that you go the extra physical mile for a shot, not that I wouldn't readily lie under the Arch like that either. Sounds like fun!

Knoxville Girl said...

Very interesting angle. I did look out those little windows once - I like heights.

Snapper said...

Glad you're back. I've missed the Arch!

Pat said...

It gives me vertigo. Not sure many people could figure out what it was, if you didn't tell them.