Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday Arch Series

I'm looking for the mass of the Arch, erupting out of the surface of the earth and filling space. Not that my work is remotely on the same level, but it makes me think of the kind of effect Richard Serra sometimes goes for in his sculpture. Got the Lensbaby out again for this one. I like this picture a lot. Your results may vary.

WHAT'S KIND OF NICE: I will be far away from U.S. politics, the blitz of negative advertising and the last Obama-McCain debate for the majority of the time between now and election day. There's even one night we'll be staying at a Buddhist monastery and there's nowhere to pick up a copy of USA Today.

TOMORROW: politics splitting American families apart!


U "R" Us said...

I likes it! Definitely feeling the Serra vibe. Gotta get me one o' them lensbabies some day...

Virginia said...

Wooooo eeee. This is a good one today, S.T. I'd put this one at the top of my list for sure. And thanks for enticing me with the Lensbaby. I'll add that to all the other photo goodies I can't afford.

And about your trip. YOu planned it much better than I planned mine. I can't esacape till AFTER the election. Hopefully the top of my head won't have blown off by then.

Snapper said...

Brilliant! I don't usually get too excited about gizmos but after cruising the Lensbaby site, I kinda want one. Also, last week's arch photo was just great too. Really took me back to my visits there. Thanks ST.

Gregg said...

You just about have me convinced to buy one of those lensbabies! They introduced a new model, recently, too.

This photo is a perfect application - also love the monotone look.

PJ said...

Stieglitz she thought. I love the washed effect.

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PJ said...

Actually, I forgot that you have to close everything out, bring up your search engine, put htt:// in the address line and then sign in. blogger doesn't tell you that, you have to figure that out for your self.Doy!

Knoxville Girl said...

It's moving , it's relentless, it will squash you like a bug. Lots of intent in this shot.

Mama Nae said...

One of my favorite of the Arch Series so far! Love it!