Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday Arch Series

A little vignetting, a little Photoshop spit and polish, and here we are, another Thursday Arch picture. I began to worry that I might lose track of which Arch pictures I have used on the blog (there have been around 65 or 70 Thursday Arch Series photos to date) and post images that have appeared before. I thought this picture might be one. I checked all the way back, though, and not to worry. This is fresh example of my obsession.

WHAT'S PUZZLING ME: as I've mentioned, I'm studying basic Japanese. The three equivalents of the English verb to be are really confusing. I think it's a little bit like ser and estar in Spanish. In the present tense, you use desu for existance or a state of being, and imasu for something existing here or there if the subject is animate but you have to use arimasu for inanimate objects, except when you don't. Which would you use for anime robot-people? The lines are a bit fuzzy. Sometimes either desu or imasu can make a correct sentence but the meaning is subtly different. What's a gaijin to do? Just speaking louder in English doesn't really help, although some of my countrymen seem to think so.

TOMORROW: the sacred and the profane.


Virginia said...

I am fascinated that you could take 70+ photos of the arch and have them all different. There is probably some kind of medication for your OCD that will help.
Today's great photo is the reason I was too chicken to go up in it. Are any of your photos from the top??

Tomorrow is the sacred and the profane huh. So where did you get photos of both candidates???

Jules said...

Hi Sharon - nice to "meet" you. Amazing photo of the arch it certainly is a stunning "beam"

Strangetastes said...


Saretta said...

Japanese people will go out of their way to try to understand you...don't worry!

Pat said...

I love the arch series. I'm waiting for a pic of the room at the top. I can just see it. Curved floor with a bunch of tourist butts, as they lean to look out.

Domo Arigato,