Friday, October 31, 2008

Soldiers Memorial

I'm going to do a little series on the Soldiers Memorial downtown. It is a city block of stone dedicated to St. Louis' dead from World War I. The design is simple, based on a Greco-Roman temple. Inside is an interesting museum of WW I stuff; I've never seen anyone in there with me. The stairways on the long sides of the building are flanked by monumental sculptures in a Depression-era style, part Art Deco, part WPA monumental force. I like the place a lot but it is generally ignored by the public.

WHAT I'M DOING: better. Consciousness is migrating from Asia to North America.
TOMORROW: I'm not doing the theme day. We'll have some more of this interesting, overlooked building.


Virginia said...

Love the top photo. Nice that you have that lovely memorial and sad that noone visits it. Thanks for reminding me of Theme Day. I have had a photo squirreled away for ages. Guess you and C. won't be headed to a sushi bar anytime soon-hee

Olivier said...

le d├ętail est magnifique.

The detail is magnificent.

Eric Salsbery said...

Those are both very powerful shots. The top shot really moved me.
Fantastic job, thanks

U "R" Us said...

This is quite awesome, dad. Not only are the images superb, but I don't even know this St. Louis landmark. Nice visual reportage.