Wednesday, April 17, 2024


I left NY/NJ and came to St. Louis University in 1967 (I know - OMG). I was the oldest of four so when I ended up about a thousand miles away my mother thought her children hated her. Two years later, my sister, Mary Beth Crowe, Ph.D., enrolled at Washington University across town. Then mom was sure her children hated her, but the younger two stayed in the northeast. Wash U, as we call it, is much more prestigious than my place and is generally considered one of the top 10 or 20 universities in this country. She was always a more serious student than me.

When the family was here last weekend, my sister wanted to go for a memory walk. This is Brookings Hall, the old main administration building. The campus is gorgeous. St. Louis U isn't bad (look what became of me) but we've always felt a bit inferior.

Posts for the next few days may be hit and miss until we get to Madrid on Sunday.



Stefan Jansson said...

A nice walk down memory lane for your sister. Classic architecture. Good photo.

Sandi said...

" mother thought her children hated her."

What. Realy?? 🙁

William Kendall said...

Beautiful architecture.