Thursday, February 22, 2024


It's likely that some botanist and her/his geneticist pals have explained the stunning diversity of the shapes and colors of orchids, built around a central theme. That's way out of my department but I still enjoy the variety of images.

Speaking of which, I know we could use some variety of subject matter around here. There is a fun event at the art museum Friday night that I hope to shoot.              


Stefan Jansson said...

No flowers to shoot yet in my area, keep snapping away.

Kristy Wehrle said...

by Theodore Roethke

They lean over the path,
Swaying close to the face,
Coming out, soft and deceptive,
Limp and damp, delicate as a young bird’s tongue;
Their fluttery fledgling lips
Move slowly,
Drawing in the warm air.
And at night,
The faint moon falling through whitewashed glass,
The heat going down
So their musky smell comes even stronger,
Drifting down from their mossy cradles:
So many devouring infants!
Soft luminescent fingers,
Lips neither dead nor alive,
Loose ghostly mouths