Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Those words usually bring up an image of a sleek watercraft hydroplaning across a lake at high speed. This is different. This is brute force. I can't imagine how many tons they haul up and down the Mississippi. The amount of horsepower, if that's the right unit, is enormous.

It looks like it could hold a fair size crew (it's a 24/7 operation) but I don't know how much of the length is given over to the engines. I watch these go past all day from my office window. I'll try to get a picture of a whole flotilla you can see the scale.

People generally call them towboats. Ellie thinks that's silly since they are obviously push boats.          


Agnieszka Mikołajczyk said...


Pat said...

Ellie is right on. Push boats they are. Out of the mouths of babes.

Sharon said...

Ahhh...barge activity on the Mississippi. That brings back lots of memories.

William Kendall said...

One big boat!