Thursday, May 14, 2020


What lies just beneath the surface of downtown St. Louis? Does anyone really want to know? Maybe beer monsters, the ghosts of Lewis and Clark or Anheuser and Busch, or maybe just pipes and cables. There is a system of steam pipes that brought heat and power to downtown buildings. It's still around.

So, another Lensbaby shot. This is a new installation and I don't know the title or sculptor. Didn't take a picture of the plaque and the Citygarden website is not up to date. In any case, I wouldn't pull the handle back farther.     


Anonymous said...

I hope everyone's safe and staying safe. I just read that the virus is mutating and getting much more dangerous. I don't want to alarm anyone but it's time to get right with God, cause this is getting downright scary! Stay home and stay safe, guys!

s.c said...

A funny one.