Tuesday, November 8, 2016


The special exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum didn't appeal to me at first. It was about the work and life of Yves Saint Laurent, the renown couturier. I gotta tell you though, it was fascinating.

He broke the once-dominant trend of elaborate ornamentation, bringing a new, clean elegance to women's clothing. His inventiveness - and his business sense - seemed boundless. The displays were very well done. They including dizzying examples of the combinations of fabrics he used, not seen here. For the time being you can go to the museum's website, http://seattleartmuseum.org, and click on an overview of the show.

Even an old guy like me can agree with the final quotation.

Big day in the U.S. today, with repercussions around the world. May the light side of the force prevail.                    


Stefan Jansson said...

Very short haired models!

biebkriebels said...

I like the fashion of Saint Laurent, would have loved to see the exhibition.

Bibi said...

I've always liked YSL and yes, the quote is true.

William Kendall said...

Kate saw this exhibit and has been featuring it lately.

Fingers crossed.

The Padre said...

The Light Side Of The Force, Brilliant.